iLedMapper : turn your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a DMX Fixture


With iLedMapper, you can use your iPhone/iPod/iPad as a LED panel and control it via the Art-Net protocol (DMX over ethernet/wifi)

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How to use

By default iLedMapper is configured to be adressed on subnet/universe 0/0, start channel as 1 and each pixel is decoded as RGB values. These settings could be changed in the preferences.

iLedMapper Settings Screen capture of iLedMapper in action

It could be controlled from any lighting software supporting the Art-Net protocol :

The fixture size is, by default, 4x6 on iPhone/iPod and 6x8 on iPad but could be configured to be any size from 1x1 to 11x15.


Mail me if you have a question, found a bug, have suggestion or want a quotation for custom development :